A La Carte


Providing educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable students to succeed and to meet the challenging State academic standards

Serving as personal mentors to provide teachers the on-going support and knowledge needed to improve student learning.

Guiding the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of language programs for ELs.

Professional Learning

Strengthening Instruction for Student Achievement Through Alignment and Rigor
Are your students still missing the mark on state assessments?
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Sheltered Instruction
How can you accommodate for your English Learners (ELs) without compromising your content?
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Implementing the ELPS through Interactive Strategies
Do you find it challenging in implementing the ELPS?
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Powerful Strategies for ELLs 
Are your ELs engaged learning content and language successfully?
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Integrating the ELPS  in Daily Instruction
Do you find it difficult planning instruction based on the language needs of your ELs?
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Teaching Academic Vocabulary Effectively
Are your students vocabulary bank effecting their comprehension?
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Vocabulary Strategies
How do you intentionally teach vocabulary when you have students with so many gaps and no time to fill them?
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Deepening Learning Through Questioning
Are your questions taking students to higher levels of thinking?
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6 Traits of Writing with Success!  
Do you know how to successfully teach the writing traits to your students so they become successful writers?
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Parent Training Plus PTP • PARTE©
Parent trainings are designed to provide parents with current information as it relates to the requirements and expectations brought about by the federal and state government, district and campus
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Balanced Literacy in Dual Language Classrooms
As dual language programs grow in numbers, the demand for Spanish literacy professional learning increases.
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