Tonie Garza, Co-founder

Nora Fabela, Co-founder

Our passion for English learners (ELs) catapulted as we saw large number of ELs not performing to their fullest potential. Knowing that this population can perform at high cognitive levels, we committed and pledged ourselves to provide educators of ELs specific professional learning and instructional resources that are exclusive and relevant to language and academic skills.  We know that with these tools, educators will establish the trajectory from foundational to mastery teaching needed to challenge and accelerate the ELs’ learning.  Because of this, EL Saber Enterprises, Inc. was founded.

We have combined 55+ years’ experience in working in PK-12 bilingual, dual language, ESL and curriculum departments. We carry a sense of urgency with each of our partnered school districts and charter schools across the country to ensure that learning environments and instructional delivery are both linguistically appropriate and academically challenging. We have each worked in midsize to large urban districts with an enrollment of more than 10,000 ELs representing more than 60 languages. Our successful experience as teachers and administrators qualifies us to partner with districts who are committed to accelerate the learning of English learners, and we are excited to partner with you!


EL Saber Team

When you invest in EL Saber, you receive support from our whole team. We can help identify solutions, navigate data, advise on approaches and think through program development. Adding to our own knowledge, we have a network of leading educators and EL experts. Our collective experience is offered to all our clients.