el Program Services

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is an evaluation of the critical program components which affect the academic success of English Learners (ELs) is conducted. The components reviewed may include: program placement, schedules, professional development, curriculum, assessment data, and instruction. This review includes a detailed report highlighting the findings and recommendations for improvement. Additionally, an action plan with a proposed timeline for implementation will be provided.


Language Program Design

Language program design is a review of the school district’s needs and student population is completed to determine the most appropriate program model for implementation. Districts are provided guidance to ensure that all programmatic and instructional aspects of EL services are in place. A detailed report includes an action plan with a proposed timeline for implementation.


PROFESSIONAL LEARNING                                                    Providing educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable students to succeed and to meet the challenging State academic standards.

Serving as personal mentors to provide teachers the on-going support and knowledge needed to improve student learning.

Guiding the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of language programs for ELs.