EL Saber works alongside educators to expand and strengthen their knowledge base and craft of teaching, which has a dramatic impact on the academic future of English Learners. With a focus on a linguistic approach to instruction, we invest time in observation, research, and practice.


From decades of experience, we understand that one of the most important aspects of engagement is personal connection.

Our most rewarding endeavor is teaching clever and committed educators to master their craft by refining their skills.

By providing authentic learning, we bring inspiration to all educators of ELs.

Cantitos Para Chiquitos

Cantitos para chiquitos online resource is designed for students to learn and glow through music and play! Spanish phonological awareness, phonics and vocabulary is developed through rhythm and rhyme from catchy tunes written specifically for Spanish speakers.Make learning fun!
25 Children Songs
Sing-Along Videos
Read-Along Lyrics
Interactive Activities
Rinconcito:Canto y Rimas


Natalie, Austin ISD
“Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm! You help me feel like I can do this now!
Union Public Schools
Thank you for this training! Valuable Information! I learned a lot and am excited to use this in my class!
Nicole, Austin ISD
“I love going to trainings when I walk away with something to actually use in my class immediately!”
Burleson ISD
This was the best and most useful training I have attended in 30 years. Should be mandatory for ALL teachers!”
Arlington ISD
This flip chart is very helpful for keeping kiddos in mind and planning ahead for them!”
Arlington ISD
This flip chart is very helpful for keeping kiddos in mind and planning ahead for them!”
Austin ISD
“I am motivated to go back to my team to break down our standards and seek more DOK 3 (or 4) activities and questions!”
Jacklyn, Austin ISD
"Excited to align my questioning and assessment to TEKS and DOK! One of the best PC I’ve attended!”
Arlington ISD
“I love the question stems! It’s encouraging higher order thinking skills with all of my students!”