Bubbles / Burbujas

Bubbles / Burbujas

Bubbles/Burbujas is an excellent resource for Dual Language teachers. Students will not only learn the concept but will learn new language by singing to catchy beats and poetry-infused lyrics. There are 10 songs both in English and Spanish that focus on various language arts concepts. The kit includes small bilingual books, a CD, and a tabletop flip chart (11” x 17”) which includes 20 songs. Dual language students, recent immigrants and migrant students will love it! It is a perfect combination of rhythm, rhyme and fun!

Series A, B or C (K-5) Set 978-1-938084-41-6 $45.00
Series A, B or C (K-5) Classroom Set and CD 978-1-938084-18-8 $160.00
Series A, B or C (K-5) Flip Chart and CD 978-1-938084-30-0 $100.00
Series A, B or C (K-5) Combo Set 978-1-938084-32-4 $230.00


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